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ITS Basic Training Academic License 

ITS Basic Training offers FREE high quality interactive education for students interested in learning more about Intelligent Transportation Systems and at a low cost for faculty providing the training online as part of a class.  

The training provides 10 online modules that will lay a firm foundation of ITS knowledge for any student to apply to a wide variety of subjects in the classroom. College faculty and STEM educators can impliment the program as a compliment to a wide variety of courses quickly and affordably, with no textbooks required.


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ITS Basic Training contains online lessons on Intelligent Transportation Systems featuring real life examples and interviews with current professionals.



Access to 10 modules (51 lessons) that can be accessed from anywhere in the world, at any time. Most lessons are under 20-30 minutes and includes downloadable hand-outs to take notes and follow-along at your own pace.

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Take any of the ITS Basic Training courses from your smart phone, with an app and a full screen viewing experience. From your desk to the great outdoors - learn on the go when it works best for you. 

“The sooner we have more connected vehicles on the roads, the sooner we can save more lives and improve mobility.”

Shailen Bhatt - President & CEO of ITS America

ITS Smart Car

There will be more than 125 Million Connected Vehicles by 2022

According to a new report, shipments of connected vehicles are expected to increase considerably over the next four years. Counterpoint Research’s report forecasts a growth of 270% by 2022 to represent more than 125 million connected vehicles to be shipped from this year. 

All of that technology requires installation, configuration, repairs, and in many cases regular calibration. ITS Basic Training gives you the ability to understand and navigate the complex framework of technology that creates this connected vehicle infrastructure network.

What do you learn in ITS Basic Training?

ITS Basic Training

Module 1: Intro to Intelligent Transportation Systems

After completing this module, learners will be able to recognize what ITS is, identify the purpose of ITS, and explain the basic operations of ITS and intelligent vehicles.  

  • 01: ITS Intro Module Overview – 0:43 
  • 02: Introduction to ITS–Why do we need ITS? – 2:03 
  • 03: Introduction to ITS–Components: TMC – 1:03 
  • 04: Introduction to ITS–Components: Communications – 1:33 
  • 05: Introduction to ITS–Components: RSE – 10:43 
  • 06: Introduction to ITS–Components: Intelligent Vehicles –21:12 
  • 07: Check Your Understanding – 0:43+ (not including quiz)  

Module 2: Transportation Management Centers (TMC) Overview

The purpose of this module is for learners to discover TMCs, explain the purpose of TMCs, show where TMCs are located within the ITS structure, and analyze the operations of TMCs.  

  • 01: TMC Introduction – 0:28 
  • 02: What is a TMC? – 16:05 
  • 03: What are the tools of a TMC? – 24:45
  • 04: What are the functions of a TMC? – 2:20 
  • 05: Check Your Understanding – 0:45+ (not including quiz)  
ITS Basic Training

ITS Basic Training

Module 3: Roadside Equipment Overview  

Learners will obtain skills to define roadside equipment, express the purpose of roadside equipment, relate roadside equipment to the ITS structure, and classify the operations of roadside equipment.  

  • 01: Roadside Equipment: Module Overview – 1:44
  • 02: Roadside Equipment: Point Detection – 10:22 
  • 03: Roadside Equipment: Probe Detection – 11:32 
  • 04: Roadside Equipment: Dynamic Message Signs – 28:22 
  • 05: Roadside Equipment: Highway Area Radio – 7.08 
  • 06: Roadside Equipment: Connected Vehicle RSE – 3.04 
  • 07: Check Your Understanding – 0:45+ (not including quiz)  

Module 4: Overview of Connected & Intelligent Vehicles

This module will allow the learner to discover connected, intelligent, autonomous vehicles (CV/IV/AV), evaluate the purpose, determine where they fit into the ITS structure, and understand the basic operations.  

  • 01: Intelligent Vehicle Module Overview – 0:35 
  • 02: Intelligent Vehicles and Transportation System Management – 12:40 
  • 03: Data Capture/Management & Dynamic Mobility Applications – 3:22 
  • 04: Intelligent Vehicle Road Side Equipment (RSE) and On Board Units (OBU) – 2:49 
  • 05: Future of Intelligent Vehicles – 25:17
  • 06: Check Your Understanding – 0:22+ (not including quiz) 
ITS Basic Training

ITS Basic Training

Module 5: Network Communication  

Learners will be able to describe, relate the purpose, identify, and explain the order of operations of network communications after this module.  

  • 01: Transportation Communications Network Module Overview – 0:39 
  • 02: Wired Technologies: Fiber Optic Cable – 27:11 
  • 03: Wired Technologies: Coaxial – 31:21
  • 04: Wired ITS: Ethernet – 41:39 
  • 05: Wired ITS: Leased Communications – 18:11 
  • 06: Wireless ITS: Spread Spectrum Radio Networks – 15:01 
  • 07: Wireless Technologies: WiFi/WiMAX – 20:01 
  • 08: Wireless ITS: Cellular – 10:02 
  • 09: Check Your Understanding – 0:39+ (not including quiz)


Module 6: Freeway Management Applications  

After completing this module, learners will be able to identify, describe the purpose of, and connect the order of freeway management operations to ITS.  

  • 01: ITS Freeway Management Overview – 0:53 
  • 02: Traffic Flow & Ramp Meters – 6:27
  • 03: Dynamic Message Signs & Highway Advisory Radio –18:47 
  • 04: Managed Lanes – 23:27 
  • 05: Active Traffic Management Systems – 11:04 
  • 06: Check Your Understanding – 0:45+ (not including quiz)  
ITS Basic Training

ITS Basic Training

Module 7: Arterial Management Applications  

Following this module, learners will discover arterial management systems, associate their purpose within the ITS, connect them within ITS, and summarize the operations of arterial management. 

  • 01: ITS Arterial Management Overview – 0:43 
  • 02: Managing Arterial Systems – 4:10 
  • 03: Arterial Systems and Traffic Signals – 19:22 
  • 04: Traffic Signal Preemption – 13:05 
  • 05: Parking Management – 5:47 
  • 06: Check Your Understanding – 0:45+ (not including quiz)

Module 8: Road Weather Management  

Learners will be able to recognize, discover the purpose of, and distinguish the order of operations for road weather management in this module.  

  • 01: Introduction to RWIS Overview – 1:15
  • 02: Effects of Weather on Traffic – 6:34
  • 03: Environmental Sensing Stations – 1:56 
  • 04: Advisory Applications and Control Strategies – 18:28 
  • 05: Check Your Understanding – 0:35+ (not including quiz)  
ITS Basic Training

ITS Basic Training

Module 9: Mass Transit  

Following this module, learners will achieve understanding of mass transit technologies within ITS, identify why and where mass transit exists, and recognize mass transits order of operations.  

  • 01: Introduction to ITS Mass Transit Overview – 0:56 
  • 02: Fleet Management – 17:30 
  • 03: Traveler Information – 3:52 
  • 04: Mass Transit ITS Safety & Security – 5:05 
  • 05: ITS Automated Fare Payment – 1:19
  • 06: Check Your Understanding –0:37+ (not including quiz)  

Module 10: Freight Management  

This module will provide learners with an appreciation of commercial highway vehicle operations within intelligent transportation systems, determine where commercial freight fits into ITS, identify the functions of freight management, and discover the order of operations of commercial freight within the ITS system.  

  • 01: Introduction to ITS Freight Management Module Overview – 0:31
  • 02: ITS Tech for Freight Management and Commercial Operations – 5:40 
  • 03: Business Benefits of ITS Freight Management – 19:18 
  • V04: Check Your Understanding – 0:45+ (not including quiz)


ITS Basic Training

Additional Features

Customize the Log-In Screen with Your School Logo

There is no place like home and providing your students with your school logo and branding on the home screen gives your students a cohesive experience from the first click. Note for Academic Membership Only.

Create a Custom Course Path for Your Students

If you want to remove modules or reorganize the course layout for your students, we can make edits and create a new educational experience just for your class. Note for Academic Membership Only.

Transportation Tech

View & Monitor Student Progress

We provide faculty the opportunity to monitor student progress on the training modules. Note for Academic Membership Only.


Help provide your students with access to a window into the ITS job opportunities from around the world.  

From technicians to senior engineers and policy makers, if it involves transportation innovation we will be providing a one stop shop for upcoming graduates to consider their career options. Also list graduate research assistantship opportunities, research lab technician positions, and even faculty openings memberships with the Academic License. Note for Academic Membership Only.

Transportation Tech

Who is behind Transportation Tech & ITS Basic Training? 

Transportation Tech: ITS Basic Training - Bootcamp for your Traffic Team was created by Integrated Global Dimensions, an innovative multi-disciplinary woman owned, small business headquartered in Nebraska. 

IGD is led by President & CEO, Valerie Lefler. She worked over 13 years in transportation research management and workforce development before launching IGD in 2013.  

ITS Basic Training Transportation Tech

IGD was competitively selected by the US DOT Small Business Innovation and Research Program and FHWA ITS Professional Capacity Building Department to design and publish Transportation Tech.

IGD collaborated with Metropolitan Community College, Innovation Workforce Division in creating the training. A special Thank You to Dr. Tom Pensebene and curriculum expert Karen Wegner.

ITS Basic Training

We also would like to thank the at least 50 ITS experts who visited with us in creating the training program! Special thank you to:

  • City of Lincoln, Nebraska
  • Kansas City SCOUT
  • Nebraska Department of Transportation
  • New York City Department of Transportation 
  • US DOT Volpe Center
  • Washington Department of Transportation 
  • Wyoming Department of Transportation
  • And many many more!